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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Billy Aberle and Chris Sabol

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Straight Forward follows two otherwise straight men, Mike and Garrett, roommates, who fall for one another while one provides care for the other who is working through a life-threatening illness.  The original story was an article published in 2014 that went viral and attracted attention across social media, particularly in the LGBT community.  Billy and Chris both came across the article and were fascinated by its authenticity and message.  After doing a bit of research and brainstorming, they had the idea of adapting it for the stage.  Billy and Chris reached out to the author and subject of the story, Mike, and requested interviews with both him and his partner, Garrett.  We were granted interviews and travelled to Boston for a couple days to hear their story in person.  After talking with Mike and Garrett, all parties agreed that this was worth exploring further, and so we got to work.  Almost seven years later, we’ve arrived at full script and score that tells their story for more people to hear and experience.


In a day and age when this subject matter is more relevant than ever, we hope that we are able to move people with our telling, and open people’s minds to one of many forms of sexuality.


Billy Aberle

Book, Music, and Lyrics


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Chris Sabol

Book, Music, and Lyrics


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