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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Billy Aberle and Chris Sabol

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Based on a true story that captured attention across social media, Straight Forward takes you on a journey of love, hope, and courage. Meet Mike and Garrett, two ordinary men who are roommates and best friends. But when one of them falls critically ill, their lives take an unexpected turn.


As they navigate the challenges of illness, friendship, and identity, Mike and Garrett discover a deep connection that transcends labels and stereotypes. Their journey of self-discovery is set against the backdrop of a society that often misunderstands and marginalizes the LGBTQ+ community.


With an original score that will move your soul and a cast of talented actors who bring these characters to life, Straight Forward is the next must-see Off-Broadway hit. Join us for a night of laughter, tears, and inspiration as we celebrate the power of love in all its forms.


Billy Aberle

Book, Music, and Lyrics


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Chris Sabol

Book, Music, and Lyrics


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